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Create a backup with replication


A backup is created in the same way as with a local Snapshot copy.

To create a backup with replication, select the policy that includes the backup replication and click Backup.

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Within the SnapCenter job log, you can see the Secondary Update step, which initiates a SnapVault update operation. Replication changed blocks from the source volume to the target volume.

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On the FSx for ONTAP file system, a Snapshot on the source volume is created using the SnapMirror label, snapcenter, as configured in the SnapCenter policy.

FsxId00fa9e3c784b6abbb::> snapshot show -vserver sapcc-hana-svm -volume PFX_data_mnt00001 -fields snapmirror-label
vserver        volume            snapshot                                                    snapmirror-label
-------------- ----------------- ----------------------------------------------------------- ----------------
sapcc-hana-svm PFX_data_mnt00001 SnapCenter_hana-1_LocalSnap_Hourly_03-31-2022_13.10.26.5482 -
sapcc-hana-svm PFX_data_mnt00001 SnapCenter_hana-1_LocalSnap_Hourly_03-31-2022_14.00.05.2023 -
sapcc-hana-svm PFX_data_mnt00001 SnapCenter_hana-1_LocalSnap_Hourly_04-05-2022_08.00.06.3380 -
sapcc-hana-svm PFX_data_mnt00001 SnapCenter_hana-1_LocalSnap_Hourly_04-05-2022_14.00.01.6482 -
sapcc-hana-svm PFX_data_mnt00001 SnapCenter_hana-1_LocalSnap_Hourly_04-14-2022_20.00.05.0316 -
sapcc-hana-svm PFX_data_mnt00001 SnapCenter_hana-1_LocalSnap_Hourly_04-28-2022_08.00.06.3629 -
sapcc-hana-svm PFX_data_mnt00001 SnapCenter_hana-1_LocalSnap_Hourly_04-28-2022_14.00.01.7275 -
sapcc-hana-svm PFX_data_mnt00001 SnapCenter_hana-1_LocalSnapAndSnapVault_Daily_04-28-2022_16.21.41.5853
8 entries were displayed.

At the target volume, a Snapshot copy with the same name is created.

FsxId05f7f00af49dc7a3e::> snapshot show -vserver sapcc-backup-target-zone5 -volume PFX_data_mnt00001 -fields snapmirror-label
vserver                   volume            snapshot                                                               snapmirror-label
------------------------- ----------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------
sapcc-backup-target-zone5 PFX_data_mnt00001 SnapCenter_hana-1_LocalSnapAndSnapVault_Daily_04-28-2022_16.21.41.5853 snapcenter

The new Snapshot backup is also listed in the HANA backup catalog.

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In SnapCenter, you can list the replicated backups by clicking Vault Copies in the topology view.

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