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Storage Snapshot backups and SAP System Replication


Backup operations are always performed at the primary SAP HANA host. The required SQL commands for the backup operation cannot be performed at the secondary SAP HANA host.

For SAP HANA backup operations, the primary and secondary SAP HANA hosts are a single entity. They share the same SAP HANA backup catalog and they use backups for restore and recovery, regardless of whether the backup was created at the primary or secondary SAP HANA host.

The ability to use any backup for restore and to do forward recovery using log backups from both hosts requires a shared log backup location that is accessible from both hosts. NetApp recommends that you use a shared storage volume. However, you should also separate the log backup destination into subdirectories within the shared volume.

Each SAP HANA host has its own storage volume. When you use a storage-based Snapshot to perform a backup, a database- consistent Snapshot is created on the primary SAP HANA host’s storage volume.

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When a failover to host 2 is performed, host 2 becomes the primary host, the backups are executed at host 2, and Snapshot backups are created at the storage volume of host 2.

The backup created at host 2 can be restored directly at the storage layer. If you must use a backup created at host 1, then the backup must be copied from the host 1 storage volume to the host 2 storage volume. Forward recovery uses the log backups from both hosts.

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