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SAP LaMa deprovisioning workflow - system destroy


The following figure highlights the main steps executed with the system destroy workflow.

This image depicts an overview of the system destroy workflow. It contains the steps Stop System, Unprepare system, Delete Storage Clone, and Delete System Configuration.

  1. To decommission a cloned system, it must be stopped and prepared in advance. Afterwards the system destroy workflow can be started.

    This graphic contains a architectural diagram combined with where the previously mentioned workflow steps occur withing the system.

  2. In this example, we run the system destroy workflow for the system created before. We select the system in the System View screen and start the system destroy workflow under Destroy Processes.

    This screenshot shows the SAP LaMa GUI open to System > Provisioning Systems View, which allows you to open the Destroy Systems dropdown.

  3. All the mount points maintained during the provisioning phase are shown here and are deleted during the system destroy workflow process.

    This screenshot shows the Destroy System screen under the Destroy Storage Volumes tab with all mount points listed.

    No virtual hostnames are deleted because they are maintained through DNS and have been assigned automatically.

    This screenshot shows the Destroy System screen under the Delete Host Names tab. No host names are listed.

  4. The operation is started by clicking the execute button.

    This screenshot shows the Destroy Storage Volumes Summary page.

    SAP LaMa now performs the deletion of the volume clones and deletes the configuration of the cloned system.

  5. You can monitor the progress of the clone workflow under the Monitoring menu.

    This screenshot shows the progress of the System Destroy workflow in real time.

  6. By selecting the Delete NetAppClone task, the detailed log for that step is displayed. The execution of the Ansible Playbook is shown here. As you can see, the Ansible playbook netapp_lama_ServiceConfigRemoval.yml is executed for each HANA database volume, data, log, and shared.

    This screenshot shows the log page for the System Destroy workflow.