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SAP LaMa provisioning workflow - copy system


The following figure highlights the primary steps executed with the system copy workflow.

This figure provides a timeline for the System Copy workflow. It contains the steps Storage Cloning, Prepare system, activate isolation, system rename, start system, import configuration, post copy automation, and deactivate system.

In this chapter, we briefly discuss the differences for the system clone workflow and input screens. As you can see in the following image, nothing changes in the storage workflow.

This figure provides an architectural diagram with overlaid steps showing where each step in the workflow occurs.

  1. The system copy workflow can be started when the system is prepared accordingly. This is not a specific task for this configuration, and we do not explain it in detail. If you need further information, review the SAP LaMa documentation.

    This screenshot shows the Provisioning System View under the Systems Tab. Two systems are listed, and the Copy System dropdown has been highlighted.

  2. During the copy workflow, the system is renamed, as must be specified in the first screen.

    This screenshot shows the Copy System page with the System ID and the HANA SID boxes highlighted.

  3. During the workflow, you can change the instance numbers.

    This screenshot shows the SAP instance numbers tab with three boxes for data.

    Note Changing instance numbers has not been tested and might require changes in the provider script.
  4. As described, the Custom Clone screen does not differ from the cloning workflow, as is shown here.

    This screenshot shows the Copy System page with Custom clone information and operation parameters.

  5. As we already described, the remaining input masks do not deviate from the standard, and we do not go into them any further here. The final screen shows a summary, and execution can now be started.

    This screenshot shows the Copy System screen with Basic information and a list of hosts. In the lower right is the Execute button.

After the copy process, the target instance is not enabled for the custom cloning process.

This screenshot shows the LaMa Systems screen along with systems details.

It must be adopted manually to run the pre-hook step during the system destroy process because a constraint is set and would prevent execution.

This screenshot shows the LaMa Systems screen along with systems details, and the Use Custom Processing Process checkbox is checked.