Data exists in three states: at rest, in transit, and in compute. An important part of any AI inferencing service should be the protection of data from threats during the entire process. Protecting data during inferencing is critical because the process can expose private information about both external customers and the business providing the inferencing service. Protopia AI is a nonobtrusive software-only solution for confidential AI inferencing in today’s market. With Protopia, AI is fed only the transformed information in the data records that is essential to carrying out the AI/ML task at hand and nothing more. This stochastic transformation is not a form of masking and is based on mathematically changing the representation of the data by using curated noise.

NetApp storage systems with ONTAP capabilities deliver the same or better performance as local SSD storage and, combined with the NetApp DataOps Toolkit, offer the following benefits to data scientists, data engineers, AI/ML developers, and business or enterprise IT decision makers:

  • Effortless sharing of data between AI systems, analytics, and other critical business systems. This data sharing reduces infrastructure overhead, improves performance, and streamlines data management across the enterprise.

  • Independently scalable compute and storage to minimize costs and improve resource usage.

  • Streamlined development and deployment workflows using integrated Snapshot copies and clones for instantaneous and space-efficient user workspaces, integrated version control, and automated deployment.

  • Enterprise-grade data protection and data governance for disaster recovery, business continuity, and regulatory requirements.

  • Simplified invocation of data management operations; rapidly take Snapshot copies of data scientist workspaces for backup and traceability from the NetApp DataOps Toolkit in Jupyter notebooks.

The NetApp and Protopia solution provides a flexible, scale-out architecture that is ideal for enterprise-grade AI inference deployments. It enables data protection and provides privacy for sensitive information where confidential AI inferencing requirements can be met with responsible AI practices in both on-premises and hybrid cloud deployments.