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As customer experience has become increasingly regarded as a key competitive battleground, an AI-augmented global support center becomes a critical component that companies in almost every industry cannot afford to neglect. The solution proposed in this technical report has been demonstrated to support the delivery of such exceptional customer experiences, and the challenge now is to ensure businesses are taking actions to modernize their AI infrastructure and workflows.

The best implementations of AI in customer service are not to replace human agents. Rather, AI can empower them to create exceptional customer experiences via real-time sentiment analysis, dispute escalation, and multimodal affective computing to detect verbal, non-verbal, and facial cues with which comprehensive AI models can make recommendations at scale and supplement what an individual human agent might be lacking. AI can also provide a better match between a particular customer with currently available agents. Using AI, businesses can extract valuable customer sentiment regarding their thoughts and impressions of the provider’s products, services, and brand image.

The solution can also be used to construct time-series data for support agents to serve as an objective performance evaluation metric. Conventional customer satisfaction surveys often lack sufficient responses. By collecting long-term employee and customer sentiment, employers can make informed decisions regarding support agents’ performance.

The combination of NetApp, SFL Scientific, opens-source orchestration frameworks, and NVIDIA brings the latest technologies together as managed services with great flexibility to accelerate technology adoption and improve the time to market for new AI/ML applications. These advanced services are delivered on-premises that can be easily ported for cloud-native environment as well as hybrid deployment architectures.