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Cloud resource requirements

Contributors banum-netapp

This page describes the configuration of cloud resources for Azure NetApp Files.

Configure Azure NetApp Files

Configure Azure NetApp Files as described in QuickStart: Set up Azure NetApp Files and create an NFS volume.

You can proceed past the section “Create NFS volume for Azure NetApp Files” because you are going to create volumes through Trident. Before continuing, complete the following steps:

  1. Register for Azure NetApp Files and NetApp Resource Provider (through the Azure Shell) ( link).

  2. Create an account in Azure NetApp Files ( link).

  3. Set up a capacity pool (a minimum 4TB Standard or Premium, depending on your need) ( link).The following table lists the network configuration requirements for setting up in the cloud. The Dask cluster and Azure NetApp Files must be in the same Azure Virtual Network (VNet) or a peered VNet.

Resources Type/version

Azure Kubernetes Service


Agent node

3x Standard_DS2_v2

GPU node

3x Standard_NC6s_v3

Azure NetApp Files

Standard capacity pool

Capacity in TB