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Azure NetApp Files, RAPIDS, and Dask speed up and simplify the deployment of large-scale ML processing and training by integrating with orchestration tools such as Docker and Kubernetes. By unifying the end-to-end data pipeline, this solution reduces the latency and complexity inherent in many advanced computing workloads, effectively bridging the gap between development and operations. Data scientists can run queries on large datasets and securely share data and algorithmic models with other users during the training phase.

When building your own AI/ML pipelines, configuring the integration, management, security, and accessibility of the components in an architecture is a challenging task. Giving developers access and control of their environment presents another set of challenges.

By building an end-to-end distributed training model and data pipeline in the cloud, we demonstrated two orders of magnitude improvement in total workflow completion time versus a conventional, open-source approach that did not leverage GPU-accelerated data processing and compute frameworks.

The combination of NetApp, Microsoft, opens-source orchestration frameworks, and NVIDIA brings the latest technologies together as managed services with great flexibility to accelerate technology adoption and improve the time to market for new AI/ML applications. These advanced services are delivered in a cloud-native environment that can be easily ported for on-premises as well as hybrid deployment architectures.