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Create a delegated subnet for Azure NetApp Files

Contributors banum-netapp

To create a delegated subnet for Azure NetApp Files, complete the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Virtual Networks within the Azure portal. Find your newly created virtual network. It should have a prefix such as aks-vnet.

  2. Click the name of the VNet.

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  3. Click Subnets and click +Subnet from the top toolbar.

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  4. Provide the subnet with a name such as and, under the Subnet Delegation heading, select Microsoft.Netapp/volumes. Do not change anything else. Click OK.

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Azure NetApp Files volumes are allocated to the application cluster and are consumed as persistent volume claims (PVCs) in Kubernetes. In turn, this process provides you the flexibility to map them to different services, such as Jupyter notebooks, serverless functions, and so on.

Users of services can consume storage from the platform in many ways. As this technical report discusses NFSs, the main benefits of Azure NetApp Files are:

  • Providing users with the ability to use Snapshot copies.

  • Enabling users to store large quantities of data on Azure NetApp Files volumes.

  • Using the performance benefits of Azure NetApp Files volumes when running their models on large sets of files.