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TR-4841: Hybrid Cloud AI Operating System with Data Caching

Contributors banum-netapp

Rick Huang, David Arnette, NetApp
Yochay Ettun,

The explosive growth of data and the exponential growth of ML and AI have converged to create a zettabyte economy with unique development and implementation challenges.

Although it is a widely known that ML models are data-hungry and require high-performance data storage proximal to compute resources, in practice, it is not so straight forward to implement this model, especially with hybrid cloud and elastic compute instances. Massive quantities of data are usually stored in low-cost data lakes, where high-performance AI compute resources such as GPUs cannot efficiently access it. This problem is aggravated in a hybrid-cloud infrastructure where some workloads operate in the cloud and some are located on-premises or in a different HPC environment entirely.

In this document, we present a novel solution that allows IT professionals and data engineers to create a truly hybrid cloud AI platform with a topology-aware data hub that enables data scientists to instantly and automatically create a cache of their datasets in proximity to their compute resources, wherever they are located. As a result, not only can high-performance model training be accomplished, but additional benefits are created, including the collaboration of multiple AI practitioners, who have immediate access to dataset caches, versions, and lineages within a dataset version hub.