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Software and Hardware Requirements

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This article defines the hardware requirements that must be met in order to deploy this solution.

Network Configuration

The following is the network configuration requirement for setting up in the cloud:

  • The Iguazio cluster and NetApp Cloud Volumes must be in the same virtual private cloud.

  • The cloud manager must have access to port 6443 on the Iguazio app nodes.

  • We used Amazon Web Services in this technical report. However, users have the option of deploying the solution in any Cloud provider.For on-premises testing in ONTAP AI with NVIDIA DGX-1, we used the Iguazio hosted DNS service for convenience.

Clients must be able to access dynamically created DNS domains. Customers can use their own DNS if desired.

Hardware Requirements

You can install Iguazio on-premises in your own cluster. We have verified the solution in NetApp ONTAP AI with an NVIDIA DGX-1 system. The following table lists the hardware used to test this solution.

Hardware Quantity

DGX-1 systems


NetApp AFF A800 system

1 high-availability (HA) pair, includes 2 controllers and 48 NVMe SSDs (3.8TB or above)

Cisco Nexus 3232C network switches


The following table lists the software components required for on-premise testing:

Software Version or Other Information

NetApp ONTAP data management software


Cisco NX-OS switch firmware



4.4 - Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

Docker container platform


Container version


Machine learning framework

TensorFlow 1.15.0


Version 2.8+

ESX Server


This solution was fully tested with Iguazio version 2.5 and NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP for AWS. The Iguazio cluster and NetApp software are both running on AWS.

Software Version or Type


Version 2.8+

App node


Data node