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TR-4896: Distributed training in Azure: Lane detection - Solution design


Muneer Ahmad and Verron Martina, NetApp
Ronen Dar, RUN:AI

Since May 2019, Microsoft delivers an Azure native, first-party portal service for enterprise NFS and SMB file services based on NetApp ONTAP technology. This development is driven by a strategic partnership between Microsoft and NetApp and further extends the reach of world-class ONTAP data services to Azure.

NetApp, a leading cloud data services provider, has teamed up with RUN: AI, a company virtualizing AI infrastructure, to allow faster AI experimentation with full GPU utilization. The partnership enables teams to speed up AI by running many experiments in parallel, with fast access to data, and leveraging limitless compute resources. RUN: AI enables full GPU utilization by automating resource allocation, and the proven architecture of Azure NetApp Files enables every experiment to run at maximum speed by eliminating data pipeline obstructions.

NetApp and RUN: AI have joined forces to offer customers a future-proof platform for their AI journey in Azure. From analytics and high-performance computing (HPC) to autonomous decisions (where customers can optimize their IT investments by only paying for what they need, when they need it), the alliance between NetApp and RUN: AI offers a single unified experience in the Azure Cloud.