Anthos Overview

Anthos with NetApp is a verified, best-practice hybrid cloud architecture for the deployment of an on-premises Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) environment in a reliable and dependable manner. This NetApp Verified Architecture reference document serves as both a design guide and a deployment validation of the Anthos with NetApp solution deployed to bare metal and virtual environments. The architecture described in this document has been validated by subject matter experts at NetApp and Google Cloud to provide the advantages of running Anthos within your enterprise data-center environment.


Anthos is a hybrid-cloud Kubernetes data center solution that enables organizations to construct and manage modern hybrid-cloud infrastructures while adopting agile workflows focused on application development. Anthos on VMware, a solution built on open-source technologies, runs on-premises in a VMware vSphere-based infrastructure, which can connect and interoperate with Anthos GKE in Google Cloud.
Adopting containers, service mesh, and other transformational technologies enables organizations to experience consistent application development cycles and production-ready workloads in local and cloud-based environments. The following figure depicts the Anthos solution and how a deployment in an on-premises data center interconnects with infrastructure in the cloud.

For more information about Anthos, see the Anthos website located here.

Anthos provides the following features:

  • Anthos configuration management. Automates the policy and security of hybrid Kubernetes deployments.

  • Anthos Service Mesh. Enhances application observability, security, and control with an Istio-powered service mesh.

  • Google Cloud Marketplace for Kubernetes Applications. A catalog of curated container applications available for easy deployment.

  • Migrate for Anthos. Automatic migration of physical services and VMs from on-premises to the cloud.

  • Stackdriver. Management service offered by Google for logging and monitoring cloud instances.

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Deployment methods for Anthos

Anthos clusters on VMware

Anthos clusters deployed to VMware vSphere environments are easy to deploy, maintain, and scale rapidly for most end-user Kubernetes workloads.

For more information about Anthos clusters on VMware, deployed with NetApp, please visit the page here.

Anthos on bare metal

Anthos clusters deployed on bare metal servers are hardware agnostic and allow you to select a compute platform optimized for your personalized use case.

For more information about Anthos on bare metal clusters deployed with NetApp, visit here.