NetApp Storage Overview: Red Hat OpenShift with NetApp

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NetApp has several storage platforms that are qualified with our Trident Storage Orchestrator to provision storage for applications deployed on Red Hat OpenShift.

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  • AFF and FAS systems run NetApp ONTAP, and provide storage for both file-based (NFS) and block-based (iSCSI) use cases.

  • Cloud Volumes ONTAP and ONTAP-Select provide the same benefits in the cloud and virtual space respectively.

  • NetApp Cloud Volumes Service (AWS/GCP) and Azure NetApp Files provide file-based storage in the cloud.

  • NetApp Element storage systems provide for block-based (iSCSI) use cases in a highly scalable environment.

  • NetApp e-Series and EF-Series storage systems provide an integrated hardware and software solution for dedicated, high-bandwidth applications on simple, fast, reliable storage.

Each storage system in the Netapp portfolio can ease both data management and movement between on-premises sites and the cloud, ensuring that your data is where your applications are.

The following pages have additional information about the NetApp storage systems validated in the Red Hat OpenShift with NetApp solution: