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Data mover solution

Contributors banum-netapp

In a big-data cluster, data is stored in HDFS or HCFS, such as MapR-FS, the Windows Azure Storage Blob, S3, or the Google file system. We performed testing with HDFS, MapR-FS, and S3 as the source to copy data to NetApp ONTAP NFS export with the help of NIPAM by using the hadoop distcp command from the source.

The following diagram illustrates the typical data movement from a Spark cluster running with HDFS storage to a NetApp ONTAP NFS volume so that NVIDIA can process AI operations.

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The hadoop distcp command uses the MapReduce program to copy the data. NIPAM works with MapReduce to act as a driver for the Hadoop cluster when copying data. NIPAM can distribute a load across multiple network interfaces for a single export. This process maximizes the network throughput by distributing the data across multiple network interfaces when you copy the data from HDFS or HCFS to NFS.

Note NIPAM is not supported or certified with MapR.