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NetApp Solutions

Solution architecture details


This section covers the hardware and software used for Confluent verification. This information is applicable to Confluent Platform deployment with NetApp storage. The following table covers the tested solution architecture and base components.

Solution components Details

Confluent Kafka version 6.2

  • Three zookeepers

  • Five broker servers

  • Five tools servers

  • One Grafana

  • One control center

Linux (ubuntu 18.04)

All servers

NetApp StorageGRID for tiered storage

  • StorageGRID software

  • 1 x SG1000 (load balancer)

  • 4 x SGF6024

  • 4 x 24 x 800 SSDs

  • S3 protocol

  • 4 x 100GbE (network connectivity between broker and StorageGRID instances)

15 Fujitsu PRIMERGY RX2540 servers

Each equipped with:
* 2 CPUs, 16 physical cores total
* Intel Xeon
* 256GB physical memory
* 100GbE dual port