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Overview of Hadoop data protection use cases

Contributors banum-netapp nkarthik

This section provides a high-level description of the data protection use cases, which constitute the focus of this paper. The remaining sections provide more details for each use case, such as the customer problem (scenario), requirements and challenges, and solutions.

Use case 1: Backing up Hadoop data

For this use case, NetApp NFS volume helped a large financial institution reduce the long backup window time from more than 24 hours to just under a few hours.

Use case 2: Backup and disaster recovery from the cloud to on-premises

By using the data fabric powered by NetApp as building blocks, a large broadcasting company was able to fulfill its requirement of backing up cloud data into its on-premise data center depending on the different modes of data transfers, such as on demand, instantaneous, or based on the Hadoop/Spark cluster load.

Use case 3: Enabling DevTest on existing Hadoop data

NetApp solutions helped an online music distributor to rapidly build multiple space-efficient Hadoop clusters in different branches to create reports and run daily DevTest tasks by using scheduled policies.

Use case 4: Data protection and multicloud connectivity

A large service provider used the data fabric powered by NetApp to provide multicloud analytics to its customers from different cloud instances.

Use case 5: Accelerate analytic workloads

One of the largest financial services and investment banks used the NetApp network-attached storage solution to reduce I/O wait time and accelerate its quantitative financial analytics platform.