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NetApp Solutions

NetApp Solutions for VMware in Hyperscalers

Contributors kevin-hoke

Learn more about the solutions that NetApp brings the VMware environment in each of the hyperscalers - from migrating workflows, extending/bursting to the cloud, backup/restore and disaster recovery.

NetApp Solutions for VMware Environments

Whether you are operating in a hybrid-cloud model or a "cloud first" model, NetApp offers a wide variety of solutions to address the most common use cases for managing workloads in a cloud or hybrid-cloud model.

NetApp also offers solutions for storage provisioned as in-guest (guest connected) storage or as a supplemental NFS datastore in each of the hyperscalers. All solutions are categorized in unison with the VMware classification of cloud workloads. Those classifications include:

  • Protect (includes both Disaster Recovery and Backup / Restore)

  • Migrate

  • Extend

For more details on the solutions available for each hyperscaler, please visit: