Hybrid Cloud with ONTAP and vSphere

About Hybrid Cloud

Whether used for an on-premises private cloud, public-cloud infrastructure, or a hybrid cloud that combines the best of both, ONTAP solutions help you build your data fabric to streamline and optimize data management. Start with high-performance, all-flash systems, then couple them with either disk or cloud storage systems for data protection and cloud compute.

Choose from Azure, AWS, IBM, or Google clouds to optimize costs and avoid lock-in. Leverage advanced support for OpenStack and container technologies as needed.

Data protection is often the first thing customers try when they begin their cloud journey. Protection can be as simple as asynchronous replication of key data or as complex as a complete hot-backup site. Data protection is based primarily on NetApp SnapMirror technology.

Some customers choose to move entire workloads to the cloud. This can be more complicated than just using the cloud for data protection, but ONTAP makes moving easier because you do not have to rewrite your applications to use cloud-based storage. ONTAP in the cloud works just like on-premises ONTAP does.
Your on-premises ONTAP system offers data efficiency features that enable you to store more data in less physical space and to tier rarely used data to lower cost storage. Whether you use a hybrid cloud configuration or move an entire workload to the cloud, ONTAP maximizes storage performance and efficiency.

NetApp also offers cloud-based backup (SnapMirror Cloud, Cloud Backup Service, and Cloud Sync) and storage tiering and archiving tools (FabricPool) for ONTAP to help reduce operating expenses and leverage the broad reach of the cloud.

The following figure provides a sample hybrid cloud use case.

Hybrid Cloud

Note For more information on ONTAP and hybrid clouds, see ONTAP and the Cloud in the ONTAP 9 Documentation Center.