ONTAP storage efficiencies

About storage efficiencies

Although NetApp was the first to deliver deduplication for production workloads, this innovation wasn’t the first or last one in this area. It started with ONTAP Snapshot copies, a space-efficient data protection mechanism with no performance effect, along with FlexClone technology to instantly make read/write copies of VMs for production and backup use. NetApp went on to deliver inline capabilities, including deduplication, compression, and zero-block deduplication, to squeeze out the most storage from expensive SSDs. Most recently, ONTAP added compaction to strengthen our storage efficiencies.

  • Inline zero-block deduplication. Eliminates space wasted by all-zero blocks.

  • Inline compression. Compresses data blocks to reduce the amount of physical storage required.

  • Inline deduplication. Eliminates incoming blocks with existing blocks on disk.

  • Inline data compaction. Packs smaller I/O operations and files into each physical block.

Storage Efficiencies

You can run deduplication, data compression, and data compaction together or independently to achieve optimal space savings on a FlexVol volume. The combination of these capabilities has resulted in customers seeing savings of up to 5:1 for VSI and up to 30:1 for VDI.

Note For more information on ONTAP storage efficiencies, see Using deduplication, data compression, and data compaction to increase storage efficiency in the ONTAP 9 Documentation center.