Best practice guidelines and recommendations

  • Use the XCP client operating system, which is IMT supported. The IMT supported client is qualified by NetApp.

  • Run XCP as a root user in the Linux operating system to perform migration. you can run the xcp command as the sudo user, but it is not supported by XCP.

  • Run only one instance of XCP per client. Technically you can run multiple instanced of XCP on the same host from a different location, however this is not a supported practice. Indeed, running many instances might result in failure.

  • In the current XCP version, Live Source is not supported. If the source NetApp volume is active and continuously changed by applications and users, you should take a snapshot of the source volume to perform a migration.

  • It is a best practice to create a new snapshot with a different name for every incremental sync so that it is easy to create an incremental migration path based on the snapshot name in the event of failure.

  • If you are performing a snapshot-based migration, it is a best practice to continue snapshot-based migration until cutover.

  • If you have more than 10 million files and you have incremental data change of more than 50%, it is a best practice to use a higher core count and more memory than the minimum recommendation in the installation and administration guide.