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Cloud Manager 3.6
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Deleting a Cloud Volumes ONTAP working environment

Contributors netapp-bcammett

It is best to delete Cloud Volumes ONTAP systems from Cloud Manager, rather than from AWS or Azure. For example, if you terminate a licensed Cloud Volumes ONTAP instance from AWS, you cannot use the license key for another instance. You must delete the working environment from Cloud Manager to release the license.

About this task

When you delete a working environment, Cloud Manager terminates instances, deletes disks, and snapshots.

Important Cloud Volumes ONTAP instances have termination protection enabled to help prevent accidental termination from AWS. However, if you do terminate a Cloud Volumes ONTAP instance from AWS, you must go to the AWS CloudFormation console and delete the instance's stack. The stack name is the name of the working environment.
  1. From the working environment, click menu icon and then click Delete.

  2. Type the name of the working environment and then click Delete.

    It can take up to 5 minutes to delete the working environment.