This documentation is for a previous release of Cloud Manager.
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Known limitations

Contributors netapp-bcammett

Known limitations identify platforms, devices, or functions that are not supported by this release of the product, or that do not interoperate correctly with it. Review these limitations carefully.

Cloud Manager should remain running at all times

Cloud Manager is a key component in the health and billing of Cloud Volumes ONTAP. If Cloud Manager is powered down, Cloud Volumes ONTAP systems will shut down after losing communication with Cloud Manager for longer than 4 days.

Shared Linux hosts are not supported

Cloud Manager is not supported on a host that is shared with other applications. The host must be a dedicated host.

Cloud Manager does not support FlexGroup volumes

While Cloud Volumes ONTAP supports FlexGroup volumes, Cloud Manager does not. If you create a FlexGroup volume from System Manager or from the CLI, then you should set Cloud Manager’s Capacity Management mode to Manual. Automatic mode might not work properly with FlexGroup volumes.

Active Directory not supported by default with new installations of Cloud Manager

Starting with version 3.4, new installations of Cloud Manager do not support using your organization’s Active Directory authentication for user management. If needed, NetApp can help you set up Active Directory with Cloud Manager. Click the chat icon in the lower right of Cloud Manager to get assistance.

Limitations with the AWS GovCloud (US) region

  • Cloud Manager must be deployed in the AWS GovCloud (US) region if you want to launch Cloud Volumes ONTAP instances in the AWS GovCloud (US) region.

  • When deployed in the AWS GovCloud (US) region, Cloud Manager cannot discover ONTAP clusters in a NetApp Private Storage for Microsoft Azure configuration or a NetApp Private Storage for SoftLayer configuration.

Cloud Manager does not set up iSCSI volumes

When you create a volume in Cloud Manager using the Storage System View, you can choose the NFS or CIFS protocol. You must use OnCommand System Manager to create a volume for iSCSI.

Storage Virtual Machine (SVM) limitation

Cloud Volumes ONTAP supports one data-serving SVM and one or more SVMs used for disaster recovery. The one data-serving SVM spans the entire Cloud Volumes ONTAP system (HA pair or single node).

Cloud Manager does not provide any setup or orchestration support for SVM disaster recovery. It also does not support storage-related tasks on any additional SVMs. You must use System Manager or the CLI for SVM disaster recovery.