This documentation is for a previous release of Cloud Manager.
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Setting up workspaces and users in the Cloud Central account

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Each Cloud Manager system is associated with a NetApp Cloud Central account. Set up the Cloud Central account associated with your Cloud Manager system so a user can access Cloud Manager and deploy Cloud Volumes ONTAP systems in workspaces. Just add a user or add multiple users and workspaces.

The account is maintained in Cloud Central, so any changes that you make are available to other Cloud Manager systems and to other NetApp cloud data services. Learn more about how Cloud Central accounts work.

Adding workspaces

In Cloud Manager, workspaces enable you to isolate a set of working environments from other working environments and from other users. For example, you can create two workspaces and associate separate users with the workspaces.

  1. Click Account Settings.

    A screenshot that shows the Account Settings option in the top banner of Cloud Manager.

  2. Click Workspaces.

  3. Click Add New Workspace.

  4. Enter a name for the workspace and click Add.

After you finish

You can now associate users and service connectors with the workspace.

Adding users

Associate Cloud Central users with the Cloud Central account so those users can create and manage working environments in Cloud Manager.

  1. If the user has not already done so, ask the user to go to NetApp Cloud Central and create an account.

  2. In Cloud Manager, click Account Settings.

  3. In the Users tab, click Associate User.

  4. Enter the user’s email address and select a role for the user:

    • Account Admin: Can perform any action in Cloud Manager.

    • Workspace Admin: Can create and manage resources in assigned workspaces.

  5. If you selected Workspace Admin, select one or more workspaces to associate with that user.

    A screenshot that shows how to associate a user by selecting a role and the associated workspaces.

  6. Click Associate User.


The user should receive an email from NetApp Cloud Central titled "Account Association." The email includes the information needed to access Cloud Manager.

Associating Workspace Admins with workspaces

You can associate Workspace Admins with additional workspaces at any time. Associating the user enables them to create and view the working environments in that workspace.

  1. Click Account Settings.

  2. Click the action menu in the row that corresponds to the user.

    A screenshot that shows the action menu that is available when hovering over a user’s name in the Users table.

  3. Click Manage Workspaces.

  4. Select one or more workspaces and click Apply.


The user can now access those workspaces from Cloud Manager, as long as the service connector was also associated with the workspaces.

Associating service connectors with workspaces

A service connector is part of the Cloud Manager system. It runs on the virtual machine instance that was deployed in your cloud provider, or on an on-prem host that you configured. You need to associate this service connector with workspaces so Workspace Admins can access those workspaces from Cloud Manager.

If you only have Account Admins, then associating the service connector with workspaces isn’t required. Account Admins have the ability to access all workspaces in Cloud Manager by default.

  1. Click Account Settings.

  2. Click Service Connector.

  3. Click Manage Workspaces for the service connector that you want to associate.

  4. Select one or more workspaces and click Apply.


Workspace Admins can now access the associated workspaces, as long as the user was also associated with the workspace.