This documentation is for a previous release of Cloud Manager.
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Default configuration for the Connector

Contributors netapp-bcammett

If you need to troubleshoot the Connector, it might help to understand how it’s configured.

  • If you deployed the Connector from Cloud Manager (or directly from a cloud provider’s marketplace), note the following:

    • In AWS, the user name for the EC2 Linux instance is ec2-user.

    • The operating system for the image is as follows:

      • AWS: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.5 (HVM)

      • Azure: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.6 (HVM)

      • GCP: CentOS 7.6

        The operating system does not include a GUI. You must use a terminal to access the system.

  • The Connector installation folder resides in the following location:


  • Log files are contained in the following folder:


  • The Cloud Manager service is named occm.

  • The occm service is dependent on the MySQL service.

    If the MySQL service is down, then the occm service is down too.

  • Cloud Manager installs the following packages on the Linux host, if they are not already installed:

    • 7Zip

    • AWSCLI

    • Docker

    • Java

    • Kubectl

    • MySQL

    • Tridentctl

    • Pull

    • Wget

  • The Connector uses the following ports on the Linux host:

    • 80 for HTTP access

    • 443 for HTTPS access

    • 3306 for the Cloud Manager database

    • 8080 for the Cloud Manager API proxy

    • 8666 for the Service Manager API

    • 8777 for the Health-Checker Container Service API