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Viewing your Amazon S3 buckets

Contributors netapp-bcammett

After you install a Connector in AWS, Cloud Manager can automatically discover information about the Amazon S3 buckets that reside in the AWS account where it’s installed.

You can see details about your S3 buckets, including the region, access level, storage class, and whether the bucket is used with Cloud Volumes ONTAP for backups or data tiering. And you can scan the S3 buckets with Cloud Compliance.

  1. Install a Connector in the AWS account where you want to view your Amazon S3 buckets.

    You should automatically see an Amazon S3 working environment shortly after.

    A screenshot of an Amazon S3 working environment.

  2. Click the working environment and select an action from the right pane.

    A screenshot that shows the actions pane after you select an Amazon S3 working environment. The pane shows information about S3: the number of buckets and regions. The pane also has two actions: Enable Compliance and View Buckets.

  3. Click Enable Compliance to scan the S3 buckets for personal and sensitive data.

  4. Click View Buckets to view details about the S3 buckets in your AWS account.

    A screenshot that shows the details of an Amazon S3 working environment: the total number of buckets and total number of regions