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OnCommand Insight

Cisco FC Switch Firmware (SNMP) data source


OnCommand Insight uses the Cisco FC Switch Firmware 2.0+ (SNMP) data source to discover inventory for Cisco MDS Fibre Channel switches as well as a variety of Cisco Nexus FCoE switches on which the FC service is enabled. Additionally, you can discover many models of Cisco devices running in NPV mode with this data source.


OnCommand Insight acquires the following inventory information from the Cisco FC Switch data source. For each asset type acquired by Insight, the most common terminology used for this asset is shown. When viewing or troubleshooting this data source, keep the following terminology in mind:

Vendor/Model Term

Insight Term









Logical Switch

Logical Switch

Name Server Entry

Name Server Entry

Inter-VSAN Routing (IVR) Zone

IVR Zone


These are common terminology mappings only and might not represent every case for this data source.


  • An IP address of one switch in the fabric or individual switches

  • Chassis discovery, to enable fabric discovery

  • If using SNMP V2, read-only community string

  • Port 161 is used to access the device

  • Access validation using the snmpwalk utility to the switch (see <install_path\>\bin\)




Cisco Switch IP

IP address or fully-qualified domain name of the switch

SNMP Version

SNMP version v2 or later is required for performance acquisition

SNMP Community String

SNMP read-only community string used to access the switch (not applicable for SNMP v3)

User Name

User name for the switch (SNMP v3 only)


Password used for the switch (SNMPv3 only)

Advanced configuration



Inventory Poll Interval (min)

Interval between inventory polls (default 40 minutes)

SNMP Auth Protocol

SNMP authentication protocol (SNMPv3 only)

SNMP Privacy Protocol

SNMP privacy protocol (SNMPv3 only)

SNMP Privacy Password

SNMP privacy password

SNMP Retries

Number of SNMP retry attempts

SNMP Timeout (ms)

SNMP timeout (default 5000 ms)

Enable Trapping

Select to enable trapping. If you enable trapping, you must also activate SNMP notifications.

Minimum Time Between Traps (sec)

Minimum time between acquisition attempts triggered by traps (default 10 seconds)

Discover All Fabric Switches

Select to discover all switches in the fabric

Exclude Devices

Comma-separated list of device IPs to exclude from polling

Include Devices

Comma-separated list of device IPs to include in polling

Check Device Type

Select to accept only those devices that explicitly advertise themselves as Cisco devices

Primary Alias Type

Provide a first preference for resolution of the alias. Choose from the following:

  • Device Alias

    This is a user-friendly name for a port WWN (pWWN) that can be used in all configuration commands, as required. All switches in the Cisco MDS 9000 Family support Distributed Device Alias Services (device aliases).

  • None

    Do not report any alias

  • Port Description

    A description to help identify the port in a list of ports

  • Zone Alias (all)

    A user-friendly name for a port that can be used only for zoning configuration

  • Zone Alias (only active)

    A user-friendly name for a port that can be used only for the active configuration. This is the default.

Secondary Alias Type

Provide a second preference for resolution of the alias

Tertiary Alias Type

Provide a third preference for resolution of the alias

Enable SANTap Proxy Mode Support

Select if your Cisco switch is using SANTap in proxy mode. If you are using EMC RecoverPoint, then you are probably using SANTap.

Performance Poll Interval (sec)

Interval between performance polls (default 300 seconds)