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OnCommand Insight

Changing the precedence of a performance policy


By default, Insight evaluates an object's policies sequentially. You can configure the order in which Insight evaluates performance policies. For example, if you have a policy configured to stop processing when a violation occurs for Gold Tier storage, you can place that policy first in the list and avoid seeing more generic violations for the same storage asset.


  1. Open Insight in your browser.

  2. From the Manage menu, select Performance Policies.

    The Performance Policies page displays.

  3. Hover your cursor over a policy name in an object type's performance policy list.

    The precedence arrows appear to the right of the policy.

  4. To move a policy up in the list, click the up arrow; to move a policy down in the list, click the down arrow.

    By default, new policies are added sequentially to an object's list of policies.