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OnCommand Insight

Fibre Channel device resolution


The FC Identify screen displays the WWN and WWPN of Fibre Channel devices whose hosts have not been identified by automatic device resolution. The screen also displays any devices that have been resolved by manual device resolution.

Devices that have been resolved by manual resolution contain a status of “OK” and identify the rule used to identify the device. Missing devices have a status of “Unidentified”. The total coverage for identification of devices is listed on this page.


You perform bulk actions by selecting multiple devices on the left-hand side of the FC identify screen. Actions can be performed on a single device by hovering over a device and selecting the identify or unidentify buttons on the far right of the list.

The Total coverage link displays a list of the "number of devices identified/number of devices available" for your configuration:

  • SRM alias

  • Storage alias

  • Switch alias

  • Zones

  • User defined