NAS path for VMs

OnCommand Insight 7.3 supports NAS paths for Virtual Machines to storage shares. These paths are similar to NAS paths for hosts to storage shares. When a VM’s IP address is allowed to access a share, a NAS path is created.

NAS paths for virtual machines are displayed on the Internal Volumes landing page. This page contains a Guest Mounted Storage Resources widget which identifies the Internal Volumes that VMs have access to.

  • NAS paths are created when virtual machines have access to the backend shares. There is no acknowledgment of whether the virtual machines access the shares or not.

  • Correlation calculation is based on latencies and IOPs, and do not include cases where VMs have NAS paths to the backend storage.

  • User can query the share by initiator IP address, but querying by path is not supported.

The Compute Resources table of the Internal Volume now also displays VM’s with NAS paths. For each VM, CPU and memory, utilization and performance data is provided.

Data warehouse impact

Changes to the Data Warehouse that are present after upgrading to OnCommand Insight 7.3 include the following:

  • The dwh_inventory.nas_logical table is removed from the Inventory data mart and replaced with a view.

    Any Insight 7.2.x reports containing the NFS path table are preserved.

  • The dwh_inventory.nas_cr_logical table is added to the Inventory data mart and includes the following:

    • Compute resource

    • Internal volume

    • Storage

    • NAS share