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OnCommand Insight

Rolling back a data source patch


If a data source patch is not working in the manner you expected, you can roll it back. Rolling back a patch deletes it, and restores the previous version as it was before this patch was applied.


  1. On the Insight toolbar, click Admin.

  2. Click Patches.

  3. In Patches currently under review, click the linked name of the patch that appears to be unsuccessful.

  4. On the Patches page for the data source, examine this information:

    • Summary describes when the patch was applied, the affected data sources, and comments about the patch from you or other members of your team.

    • Affected data sources lists all of the data sources being patched and includes a comparison of the before and after patching status.

  5. To display the details for a data source that is not successfully processing the patch, click the linked Name.

    1. Check the summary information.

    2. Check the Event timeline to see any configuration or performance data that might be affecting this data source.

  6. If you conclude that the patch is not going to be successful, click the browser back arrow to return to the Patches summary page.

  7. Click Roll back to remove that patch.

    If you know of a different patch that is more likely to be successful, click Replace patch and upload the new patch.