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OnCommand Insight

Rule assisted manual identification


This feature is used for special cases where you want to run a specific rule or a list of rules (with or without a one-time reordering) to resolve unknown hosts, storage, and tape devices or group of them.

Before you begin

You have a number of devices that have not been identified and you also have multiple rules that successfully identified other devices.

About this task


If your source only contains part of a host or device name, use a regular expression rule and format it to add the missing text.


  1. Log into the OnCommand Insight web UI.

  2. Click Manage > Device resolution

  3. Click the FC Identify tab.

    The system displays the identified and unidentified devices.

  4. Select multiple unidentified devices.

  5. Click Identify > Set host resolution or > Set tape resolution

    The system displays the Identify screen which contains a list of all of the rules that successfully identified devices.

  6. Change the order of the rules to an order that meets your needs.

    The order of the rules are changed in the Identify screen, but are not changed globally.

  7. Select the method that that meets your needs.

    OnCommand Insight executes the host resolution process in the order in which the methods appear, beginning with those at the top.

    When rules that apply are encountered, rule names are shown in the rules column and identified as manual.