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OnCommand Insight

Restoring and upgrading reports for versions prior to 6.3


If you are upgrading an Insight version prior to 6.3, you must manually restore your reporting artifacts.

Before you begin

Follow the instructions in the "Upgrading the Data Warehouse (DWH)" and "Backing up custom reports and reporting artifacts" topics.


  1. To restore Reporting artifacts from releases prior to version 6.3, copy the Export file you created and stored in your <install>\cognos\c10_64\deployment directory.

  2. Open a browser and go to http://<server>:<port>/reporting for the server and port you used during installation.

  3. Enter your user name and password and click Login.

  4. From the Launch menu, select Insight Reporting Administration.

  5. Click the Configuration tab.

    Due to changes in the data model, the reports in the old packages may not run and need to be upgraded.

  6. Click Content Administration.

  7. Click the New Import button.

  8. Make sure that archive you copied to the deployment directory (for example, is selected, and click Next.

  9. If you entered a password to protect the archive, enter the password and click OK.

  10. Change the name Export... to Import Backup and click Next.

  11. Click on the pencil icon next to each package name and enter a new target name if necessary. For example, add a _original suffix to the existing name. Then click OK.

  12. After you rename the target package names for all packages, select all blue folders and click Next to continue.

  13. Accept all default values.

  14. Click Finish and then select Run.

  15. Check for the details of this import and click OK.

  16. Click Refresh to view the status of the import.

  17. Click Close after the import is complete.


Two sets of packages appear in the Public Folders tab. For example, one with a 7.0 suffix (for the newer version) and one with a _original (or whatever you entered during the backup/restore procedure) suffix which contains your old reports. Due to changes in the data model, the reports in the old packages may not run and need to be upgraded. Your portal tabs now point to the current version of the portal pages.