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OnCommand Insight

Viewing switches consolidation issues


The reported data for switches is derived from the Inventory data mart. For all switches, there is a row for each connector that reports on them, as well as the Primary Connector from which each switch is taken.


  1. Log in to the Data Warehouse Portal at https://hostname/dwh, where hostname is the name of the system where OnCommand Insight Data Warehouse is installed.

  2. From the navigation pane on the left, clickTroubleshooting.

  3. In the Chassis Consolidation section, click SAN Switches.

  4. Optionally, filter data in this view by typing a portion of the text and clicking Filter. To clear the filter, clear the Filter box and click Filter. You can filter by switch name, switch IP, vendor model, or OnCommand Insight object ID.

    The filter is case sensitive.

  5. Review the following data:

    • GUID

      Global Unique Identifier for this type of consolidated device (storage array)

    • Name

      Name of the consolidated storage array as it appears in the data warehouse

    • IP

      IP address of the consolidated storage array

    • Vendor and Model

      Name of the vendor who sells the consolidated storage array and the manufacturer's model number

    • WWN

      WWN for the consolidation switch

    • Principal Connector

      Name of the OnCommand Insight connector that was the actual source of the data

    • Available Connectors

      All OnCommand Insight connectors where the consolidated storage array resides

    • Insight ID

      ID of the consolidated storage array on the OnCommand Insight chassis where the Principal Connector resides

    • Insight Change Time

      When an update has occurred in OnCommand Insight for the storage array and when the same storage array has been updated in other OnCommand Insight servers