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Assigning applications to an asset using a query


You assign an application to an asset so that you can identify the resources of the asset that the application uses. If an asset has a cost assigned to it you can identify the cost that is incurred by the application and if the resource is measured by size, you can determine if the resource will need to be replenished.

About this task

You can simplify the task of assigning multiple assets to an application by using a query.


  1. Create a new query to identify the assets you want to assign an application to. For example, if you want to assign it to a host with a specific name that relates to a geographic location, Click Queries > +New Query

  2. Click Host

  3. In the Name field, enter Chicago

    The system displays all of the Hosts with Chicago as part if their name. new query

  4. Select one or more of the Hosts identified by your query.

  5. Click Actions > Add Application

    application assign

    The system displays the Assign application dialog.

  6. Select the Application you want to assign to the Host and click check box ok

  7. Click Save

    The application name appears in the User Data section.