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OnCommand Insight

Device identification and data source planning


As part of your deployment planning, you should collect information about the devices in your environment.

You need the following software, connectivity, and information about each device in your environment:

  • IP address or hostname resolvable by the OCI server

  • Login name and password

  • Type of access to the device, for example, controller and management station


    Read-only access will be sufficient for most devices, but some devices require administrator permissions.

  • Port connectivity to the device depending on data source port requirements

  • For switches, SNMP read-only community string (user ID or password to give access to the switches)

  • Any third-party software required on the device, for example, Solutions Enabler.

  • See the "Vendor-specific data source reference" in the web UI Help or in the OnCommand Insight Configuration and Administration Guide for more information on data source permissions and requirements.