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OnCommand Unified Manager 9.5
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Cluster favorite card

Contributors netapp-adityaw

The Cluster favorite card enables you to view the capacity, configuration, and performance details of the individual clusters that you marked as favorites.

Cluster attributes

The Cluster favorite card displays the following attributes of individual clusters:

  • Cluster health status

    An icon that indicates the health of the cluster. The possible values are Normal, Warning, Error, and Critical.

  • Cluster name

    Name of the cluster.

  • Capacity

    Total free space on the cluster.

  • Configuration

    Configuration details of the cluster.

    • IP Address

      IP address, or host name, of the cluster management logical interface (LIF) that was used to add the cluster.

    • Number of nodes

      Number of nodes in the cluster.

  • Performance

    Performance details of the cluster.

    • IOPS

      Average number of I/O operations per second over the last 72 hours.

    • Throughput

      Average throughput over the last 72 hours, in MBps .