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OnCommand Unified Manager 9.5
A newer release of this product is available.

Supported browsers

Contributors netapp-adityaw

To access the Unified Manager UI, you must use a supported browser.

Unified Manager has been tested with the following browsers; other browsers might work but have not been qualified. See the Interoperability Matrix for the complete list of supported browser versions.

  • Mozilla Firefox ESR 60

  • Google Chrome version 68 and 69

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11

For all browsers, disabling popup blockers helps ensure that software features display properly.

For Internet Explorer, you must ensure that Compatibility View is disabled, and Document Mode is set to the default. See the Microsoft IE documentation for information about these settings.


Firefox and Chrome are the preferred browsers as there have been some cases where complex UI pages load more slowly when using Internet Explorer.

If you are planning to configure Unified Manager for SAML authentication so that an identity provider (IdP) authenticates users, check the list of browsers supported by the IdP as well.