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OnCommand Unified Manager 9.5
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Requirements for Unified Manager in a failover clustering environment

Contributors netapp-adityaw

Before installing Unified Manager in a failover clustering environment, you must ensure that the cluster nodes are properly configured to support Unified Manager.

You must ensure that the failover cluster configuration meets the following requirements:

  • Both the cluster nodes must be running the same version of Microsoft Windows Server.

  • The same version of Unified Manager must be installed using the same path on both the cluster nodes.

  • Failover clustering must be installed and enabled on both the nodes.

    See Microsoft documentation for instructions.

  • You must have used Fibre Channel switched fabric or iSCSI-based storage for creating shared data disk as the storage back-end.

  • Optional: Using SnapDrive for Windows, a shared location must be created that is accessible to both the nodes in the high-availability setup.

    See the SnapDrive for Windows Installation Guide for information about installing and creating a shared location.

    You can also manage LUNs using the storage system command-line interface. See the SnapDrive for Windows compatibility matrix for more information.

  • You must have the Perl installed with XML::LibXML and File::chdir modules for scripts to work.

  • There must be only two nodes in the cluster setup.

  • The “node and disk majority” quorum type must be used for failover clustering.

  • You must have configured a shared IP address with a corresponding FQDN to be used as the cluster global IP address to access Unified Manager.

  • The password for Unified Manager maintenance user on both the nodes must be same.

  • You must have used only IPv4 IP address.