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OnCommand Unified Manager 9.5
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Requirements for Unified Manager in VCS

Contributors netapp-adityaw

Before installing Unified Manager in a Veritas Cluster Server (VCS) environment, you must ensure that the cluster nodes are properly configured to support Unified Manager.

You must ensure that the VCS configuration meets the following requirements:

  • Both the cluster nodes must be running a supported operating system version.

  • The same version of Unified Manager must be installed using the same path on both the cluster nodes.

  • The MySQL user on both the nodes must have the same user ID and group ID.

  • Native ext3, ext4 file systems, and Logical Volume Manager (LVM) must be used.

  • Unified Manager must be connected to the storage system through Fibre Channel (FC) or iSCSI.

    You must also ensure that the FC link is active and that the LUNs created on the storage systems are accessible to both the cluster nodes.

  • The shared data disk must have enough space (minimum 80 GB) for the Unified Manager database, reports, certificates, and script plug-in folders.

  • A minimum of two network interfaces must be set up on each system: one for node-to-node communication and the other for node-to-client communication.

    The name of the network interface used for node-to-client communication must be the same on both the systems.

  • A separate heartbeat link must be established between the cluster nodes; otherwise, the network interface is used to communicate between the cluster nodes.

  • Optional: SnapDrive for UNIX should be used to create a shared location that is accessible to both the nodes in a high availability setup.

    See the SnapDrive for UNIX Installation and Administration Guide for information about installing and creating a shared location. You can also manage LUNs using SnapDrive or the storage system command-line interface. See the SnapDrive for UNIX compatibility matrix for more information.

  • Additional RAM must be available for the SnapDrive and VCS applications.