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OnCommand Unified Manager 9.5
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Virtual appliance backup and restore process overview

Contributors netapp-adityaw

The backup and restore model for Unified Manager when installed on a virtual appliance is to capture and restore an image of the full virtual application.

Because the Unified Manager backup operation on the virtual appliance does not provide a way to move the backup file off of the vApp, the following tasks enable you to complete a backup of the virtual appliance:

  1. Power off the VM and take a VMware snapshot of the Unified Manager virtual appliance.

  2. Make a NetApp Snapshot copy on the datastore to capture the VMware snapshot.

    If the datastore is not hosted on a system running ONTAP software, follow the storage vendor guidelines to create a backup of the VMware snapshot.

  3. Replicate the NetApp Snapshot copy, or snapshot equivalent, to alternate storage.

  4. Delete the VMware snapshot.

You should implement a backup schedule using these tasks to ensure that the Unified Manager virtual appliance is protected if issues arise.

To restore the VM, you can use the VMware snapshot you created to restore the VM to the backup point-in-time state.