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OnCommand Unified Manager 9.5
A newer release of this product is available.

Introduction to OnCommand Unified Manager

Contributors netapp-adityaw

OnCommand Unified Manager enables you to monitor and manage the health and performance of your ONTAP storage systems from a single interface.

Unified Manager provides the following features:

  • Discovery, monitoring, and notifications for systems that are installed with ONTAP software.

  • Dashboards to show capacity, availability, protection, and performance health of the environment.

  • Enhanced alerts, events, and threshold infrastructure.

  • Displays detailed graphs that plot workload activity over time; including IOPS (operations), MBps (throughput), latency (response time), utilization, performance capacity, and cache ratio.

  • Identifies workloads that are overusing cluster components and the workloads whose performance is impacted by the increased activity.

  • Provides suggested corrective actions that can be performed to address certain incidents and events.

  • Integrates with OnCommand Workflow Automation to execute automated workflows.