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OnCommand Unified Manager 9.5
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Performance/Port Explorer page

Contributors netapp-adityaw

The Performance/Port Explorer page provides a detailed performance overview of all ports in a cluster.


Performance counter values are displayed for physical ports only. Counter values are not displayed for VLANs or interface groups.

The Performance/Port Explorer page enables you to track and compare port performance during a specific time period, which helps you to troubleshoot and fine-tune your port performance.

Using the View and Compare functionality you can compare the performance of this port with:

  • other ports on the same node

  • the node on which the port resides

  • LIFs that are on the port


Only cluster and data LIFs are displayed when filtering using the “LIFs on this port” option. No intercluster LIFs are shown.

The Performance/Port Explorer page enables you to:

  • View threshold-related issues and their details

  • Track and compare port performance data

  • Investigate and troubleshoot threshold-related issues

  • Investigate and troubleshoot performance issues