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OnCommand Unified Manager 9.5
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What conditions and condition sets are

Contributors netapp-adityaw

Conditions are a set of matching criteria based on rule properties—​such as the file name, directory path, and owner—​that define a rule. A collection of such conditions is known as a condition set. You can use conditions and condition sets only for custom rules to determine where to place content that is written into your Infinite Volume.


For a custom rule, you can specify conditions based on rule properties such as the file name, directory path, or owner, or a combination of all the rule properties. The logic is similar to a Boolean AND operation. For example, by using conditions, you can create a custom rule to place files with .mp3 extensions and files owned by John in the directory path starting with /NS/.

Condition sets

The logic used for condition sets is similar to a Boolean OR operation. For example, by using conditions and condition sets, you can create a complex custom rule that matches either of the following conditions:

  • condition-1

    All files owned by Mary and are placed in /NS/Eng/

  • condition-2

    All files that have names ending with .pdfand owned by Mary