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OnCommand Unified Manager 9.5
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What report importing is

Contributors netapp-adityaw

You can import a report using the Import Report option from Unified Manager and save the imported report with a name and a brief description. By importing reports, you can add custom reports to your environment in addition to the standard reports provided in Unified Manager.

You can import a .rptdesign file that is already created. You can run, share, schedule, and delete an imported report.

Unified Manager stores the import report log files in the files jboss.log, ocum-report.log, and ocumserver-debug.log.


Customer support will not assist with designing reports, but they will support you with issues faced during a report import operation.

The import report feature includes the following support:

  • Reports with multiple headers, in which the column span is set to 1 (colspan=1)

  • Reports with charts only

  • Reports with lists and grid only

  • Passwords used in reports must be encoded using “base64” format. Reports using other encoding, for example, “jce” format, will cause an error during the import process.

  • Reports containing data aggregation should include the aggregated column element in the table data of the report.

Reports in text, CSV, and Excel formats are supported in the following scenarios:

  • Table element only in the .rptdesign file

  • A table with only one header row


You cannot import reports that have a column span of more than 1. If a report in text, CSV, or Excel format has more than one-header row, only the first header row is considered, and the rest are ignored.