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OnCommand Unified Manager 9.5
A newer release of this product is available.

MBps performance counter charts

Contributors netapp-adityaw

The Performance Explorer MBps counter charts display the number of megabytes of data transferred to and from the selected object per second.

The popup window that is displayed when your cursor is in the chart area shows the specific counter values at specific times.

When displayed in Zoom view, the volume and LUN charts also display Quality of Service (QoS) maximum MBps throughput threshold settings, if configured in ONTAP.

When viewing a volume or LUN that is sharing the MBps of a shared QoS policy, a line for “Total Workload MBps” is displayed to show the MBps that are being used by all other workloads sharing this policy.

The bottom of the chart page displays information for the minimum, maximum, average, and 95th percentile MBps for the selected time range.

There are two types of MBps charts available:

MBps - Total counter chart

Displays the number of megabytes of data transferred to and from the selected object per second.

MBps - Breakdown counter chart

Displays the same MBps data separated into disk read, Flash Cache read, write, and other operations.

This chart option applies when the selected object is an SVM, node, aggregate, volume, or LUN.


Flash Cache data is displayed only for nodes, and only when a Flash Cache module is installed in the node.

Zoom View button

Displays a magnified view of the counter chart data.

  • Events

    The occurrence of critical, error, warning, and informational events are indicated on the time lines above the charts.

  • Thresholds

    The dashed, horizontal line indicates the utilization warning threshold value set in Unified Manager.

    The solid red line indicates the utilization critical threshold value set in Unified Manager.

  • Counters

    The counters in the left pane show which counter values are being displayed. Deselecting or selecting the eye icon that is associated with a counter hides and shows that counter information from the chart and can help when comparing object MBps.