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OnCommand Unified Manager 9.5
A newer release of this product is available.

Reports page


The Reports page enables you to view detailed information about the reports that you generate. You can search for a specific report, save a report, and delete a report. You can also schedule, share, and import a report.

The Reports page displays categorized groups of reports about which you can obtain specific report details. By default, the report groups expand to display the report types, a report overview, and links that enable you to customize reports. Only one report can be viewed at a time. You can click the Run Report button to view a report for a specific group of reports.


The implementation of scheduling and generating reports from the Reports page will be deprecated in a future release. You can extract health and performance data from Unified Manager using these additional methods:

  • Extracting data directly from the grid pages in the GUI

  • Using Open Database for access to all the available objects

  • Executing Unified Manager REST APIs to return the information you are interested in reviewing

The following is a list of report groups and report types that are displayed in the Reports page:

  • Capacity Utilization Reports

    • Storage Summary

    • Aggregate Capacity and Utilization

    • Volume Capacity and Utilization

    • Qtree Capacity and Utilization

  • Operational Reports - Events

  • Inventory Reports

    • Cluster Inventory

    • NFS Exports

    • SVM Inventory

  • Imported Reports

  • Data Protection Reports

    • Volume Data Protection Configuration

    • Volume Relationships Inventory

    • Volume Transfer Status (Historical)

    • Volume Transfer Rate (Historical)