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OnCommand Unified Manager 9.5
A newer release of this product is available.

Volume Transfer Status (Historical) report


The Volume Transfer Status (Historical) report enables you to analyze the volume transfer trends over a period of time. You can configure the report to view the volume transfer status for a specific time interval. The report also displays whether the volume transfer was a success or a failure.

The Volume Transfer Status (Historical) report is displayed in two formats:

  • Volume Transfer Status line chart

  • Volume Transfer Status (Historical) report tabular view

Volume Transfer Status line chart

The line chart displays the volume transfer details by plotting transfer count against date. You can also view whether a particular volume transfer has succeeded or failed.

Volume Transfer Status tabular view

  • Source Cluster Name

    Displays the source cluster name.

  • Source SVM

    Displays the storage virtual machine (SVM) name.

  • Source Volume Name

    Displays the source volume name.

  • Destination Cluster Name

    Displays the destination cluster name.

  • Destination SVM

    Displays the destination SVM name.

  • Destination Volume Name

    Displays the destination volume name.

  • Operation Result

    Displays whether volume transfer was successful.

  • Start time

    Displays the volume transfer start time.

  • End time

    Displays the volume transfer end time.

  • Transfer duration (hh:mm:ss)

    Displays the time taken (in hours) to complete the volume transfer.

  • Transfer size (MB)

    Displays the size (in MB) of the transferred volume.

  • Operation Type

    Displays the type of volume transfer.