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ONTAP 7-Mode Transition

Scenarios for selecting volumes in a project


Planning a project composition and deciding which 7-Mode volumes to transition in a single transition operation can help in reducing the downtime for applications. Understanding some sample scenarios can help you while creating projects in your environment.

Bidirectional SnapMirror relationship

To transition a bidirectional SnapMirror relationship, you must create different transition projects for each volume.

For example, as shown in the illustration below, consider a volume SnapMirror relationship that exists between vf1:vol1 (primary) on system1 and vf2:vol1 (secondary) on system2. Similarly, another volume SnapMirror relationship exists between vf2:vol2 (primary) on system2 and vf1:vol2 (secondary) on system1.

transition bidirectional

You cannot combine the volumes vf1:vol1 and vf1:vol2 in one transition project. Similarly, you cannot combine the volumes vf2:vol1 and vf2:vol2 in one transition project. You must create separate transition projects for each volume to transition the volume SnapMirror relationship.

Volumes with CIFS configuration

You must group volumes that have CIFS configuration in one project so that all the CIFS-related configuration is transitioned completely to the SVM.

For example, if 10 volumes in a 7-Mode system or a vFiler unit have associated CIFS shares, home-directory search path, and audit configuration, these 10 volumes must be transitioned in one project . This ensures that all the volumes and CIFS configuration are completely applied on the SVM after transition.

SnapMirror relationship between a primary volume and multiple secondary volumes

If a SnapMirror relationship exists between a primary volume and multiple secondary volumes and if all the secondary volumes are on the same 7-Mode controller, you can create a secondary project to group all the secondary volumes and complete the transition of all secondary volumes in that project. You can then create a primary project to transition the primary volume and complete the SnapMirror transition.