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ONTAP 7-Mode Transition

Performing on-demand SnapMirror updates


You can perform SnapMirror incremental updates for all the volumes before the cutover operation to reduce the cutover time.

  • You cannot perform on-demand SnapMirror updates when incremental data transfers are scheduled after baseline data copy and after precutover operation.

  • This is an optional task.

    1. Click Update Now to perform a manual SnapMirror update.

      The Transition Update dialog box is displayed, where you can choose to customize the number of SnapMirror transfers and throttle limit for this operation.

    2. Select the Customize the number of concurrent SnapMirror transfers and Throttle limit for this operation check box to specify the number of SnapMirror data copy operations and throttle limit.

      1. Enter the maximum number of concurrent SnapMirror transfers to run during transition.

      2. Enter the percentage of available streams that the tool can use for SnapMirror transfers.

        By default, the tool uses 50% of the available volume SnapMirror transfers.

      3. Enter the throttle limit to use the maximum bandwidth.

        By default, the tool uses maximum throttle for configuration transition.

    3. Click Continue.

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